Aquí Estoy (Upgrade) (I’m here [Upgrade])

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Aquí Estoy (Upgrade) is a remastered version of Aquí estoy with a new backing track and Hatsune Miku’s V3 voicebank.


Musica and Lyrics: Ankari
Guitar: Tori
Drums: Luis Martínez
Art and video: Hikusa
English translation: Lluvia
Voice: Hatsune Miku V3


  • The idea to make this new version first came up when Mirai no Neiro contacted us to ask if they could screen the original Aquí estoy video at their Anime Expo 2013 panel
  • Everything was recorded at the musician’s homes with their own equipment
  • Hikusa experimented a lot with this video and worked very hard on it, there were a thousand adjustments by the end
  • At some point, maybe, hopefully, Ankari will redo the mixing for this song