Aquí estoy (I’m here)

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Aquí estoy was the first song Hikusa collaborated on and the first song we recorded real instruments for.


Music and lyrics: Ankari
Art: Hikusa
Video: Hikusa
Acoustic guitar: Fernando Vigueras
Electric guitar: 1B King
English translation: Lluvia
Voice: Hatsune Miku V2


  • Ankari asked guitarist Fernando Vigueras to record his part one day when he was at her place rehearsing, planning to quickly finish the backing track for this new song
  • Due to lyrics and backing track-related reasons, the song was not finished quickly at all (gasp)
  • The former lyrics of the song were much less clear and when Ankari first showed Lluvia that version, Lluvia tore it to pieces
  • Miku’s vocal attacks were modeled after Ankari’s own singing of the song, with the previous lyrics
  • The collaboration with 1B King was possible thanks to the FAWM‘s website