Comusicación (Commusication)

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Comusicación is Maubox’s entry in the Miku Expo Song Contest held by Crypton Future Media in 2015. :)


Music and lyrics: Ankari
Guitarras: José Luis Santander
Art: Hikusa
Video: Lluvia
Voice: Hatsune Miku V3


  • Lluvia gave so many ideas for this song (title included) that Maubox HQ started calling this “her commissioned song”.
  • It’s one of Ankari’s own songs and arrangements she likes best
  • It’s also one of the mixes she’s suffered most and is still suffering with
  • Hikusa was an extreme savior, working on the Soundcloud illustration at the very last minute so it could be up in time during the contest!
  • AlexTrip Sands gave Ankari several V3 tips that she’s very grateful for
  • Nahual also helped a lot by doing a premix which Ankari used a base to do… whatever it is that she did
  • The video for this song was meant to go up shortly after the contest ended, but due to mixing and tuning matters it was delayed until Miku Day (March 9)  2016
  • You can still listen to the previous version of this song on Ankari’s Soundcloud