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This is Maubox’s song to commemorate Miku’s 10th anniversary.


Music: Ankari
Lyrics: Lluvia
Art: Hikusa
Video: Hikusa and Lluvia
Voice: Hatsune Miku V4X


  • Ankari was very happy to be finally able to use Miku V4X in Spanish!
  • This song was uploaded by Hikusa while Lluvia and Ankari were in Japan the day before the start of Magical Mirai 2017
  • A limited number of promotional postcards for this song was printed and handed out at Magical Mirai
  • The music for this song was started in the year 2010 and rearranged in 2017; back then, Ankari had been planning to make this her first Vocaloid song in Japanese
  • Lluvia wrote the lyrics overnight due to the lack of time and got sick as a result
  • For the postcard illustration, Hikusa asked Lluvia and Ankari to doodle on the castle