El Samurai de la Cumbia (The Samurai of Cumbia)


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El Samurai de la Cumbia was Maubox’s first musical collaboration with another producer (AlexTrip Sands from Divas en Salsa).

The concept of El Samurai de la Cumbia introduces him as artist who is independent from Maubox and Divas en Salsa. Therefore, he has his own Facebook page and Twitter account.


Music, lyrics, tuning: AlexTrip Sands & Ankari (with mutual vandalizations)
Art: Hikusa
Video and English translation: Lluvia
Logo: RoninYorch
Coloring: Hikusa, Noella, Tina, Lluvia
Fire stock footage: Mitch Martinez
Voices: Kamui Gakupo V3, Hatsune Miku V3, Megurine Luka V2


  • The lyrics for this song were finished shortly after the release of MarQchisan estubo aqui, back in 2011
  • In contrast, the music and video for El Samurai de la Cumbia were both done in the span of approximately 10 days, in the year 2015
  • It was thanks to this project that AlexTrip Sands and Ankari first interacted via YouTube PMs in 2013
  • Throughout the whole video editing process, Lluvia would constantly wail “This is so embarrassing!”
  • There were no plans to have “MarQchisan estubo aqui” written on the table, but Noella added it while she was coloring and everyone loved it