Incierto (Uncertain)

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Incierto was Maubox’s first song using the Kagamines and their second song overall.


Music and lyrics: Ankari
Art, video and English translation: Lluvia


  • To this day, Ankari is still very happy with what she was able to achieve with this backing track, since it’s very different from her usual stuff
  • This song did not start out as a Vocaloid song, but when the Kagamines arrived it was decided that this song had to be for them
  • Lluvia worked very hard making this video, drawing, experimenting and trying out new things
  • (Five years later, Lluvia also deeply hates what YouTube did with the already poor quality of this video and not-so-secretly hopes to be able to redo it from scratch someday)
  • The visuals are a fundamental element of the song and Ankari and Lluvia had several conversations where they discussed what intention should be given to certain phrases
  • It’s very enjoyable for Ankari and Lluvia to read the theories people have regarding the story in the song