La Bamba

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La Bamba was a cover produced per request of the Japanese fan collective, Mirai No Neiro. It was Maubox’s first cover.


Tuning and arrangement: Ankari
Art and video: Lluvia
Voz: Hatsune Miku V3


  • The concept for the arrangement was to make something electronic, accessible and cute in order to make Miku shine, without losing the singable essence of the version we all know
  • Lluvia and Ankari spent a long time picking out the sounds for it
  • This song’s MMD animation was done by PAC_MMD for Mirai no Neiro and it can be seen here during its premier at Expo TNT (Mexico). Later on, this version of La Bamba would be screened around the world as part of Mirai No Neiro’s show
  • There’s several videos from presentations in other countries where Mirai No Neiro’s animation was projected