Len VS. Warrior Quest XVIIDX

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Len VS. Warrior Quest XVIIDX premiered during Asian Night Stage 2013, a small event organized by Expo TNT in Mexico City which counted with the presence of Hachioji-P, MasatakaP and Dixie Flatline. A couple of months later, this video would also be screened at Anime Expo (USA).


Musica and lyrics: Ankari
Art: Hikusa
Coloring: .//projectTIGER
Pixel art: June
Video and English translation: Lluvia
Voice: Kagamine Len V2 Append


  • It was originally planned as a song for Hatsune Miku
  • In the second version, this song was going to be for Rin, but Ankari thought of giving it to Len instead and everyone liked the idea
  • We had lots of laughs coming up with the jokes for the game
  • We have an audio recording of the audience’s reactions in Los Angeles from when the video was screened and hearing everyone’s laughter made us incredibly happy
  • Both Hachioji-P and Dixie Flatline said nice things about the video when they saw it, but Ankari’s memory is terrible and she can’t remember exactly what she was told