MarQchisan estubo aqui (MarQchisan waz here)

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MarQchisan estubo aqui was Maubox’s first comedic song, released on December 28th, 2010 to celebrate The Innocents’ Day.


Music and lyrics: Ankari
Art: Hikusa
Coloring help: nnHorizon
Video and English translation: Lluvia
Voices: Hatsune Miku V2, Kamui Gakupo V2 (and Megurine Luka V2)


  • This song was born because of a Twitter conversation between Hikusa, Lluvia and Ankari where they discussed MarQchisan, who used to “sign” videos on Niconico Douga so often that we wondered if they were a real person or a bot
  • This was all developed in a very short time, since the dates sneaked up on us (as per usual!)
  • MarQchisan turned out to be adorable and PM’d us to thank us for the song. Since that moment, Maubox adopted MarQchisan
  • A part of the song is a direct reference to a certain Animaniacs episode
  • Ankari asked Lluvia to record herself reading out the dialogues and used it as a reference (more or less) to tune them in the song
  • Somewhere in the world there is a comic by Hikusa that recounts the story of how this video was made