¡Gracias Por Venir! (Thanks For Coming!)

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This song was made to celebrate Miku Expo 2016 in Mexico with a bit of humor! 😀


Music and Lyrics: Ankari
Art: Hikusa
Coloring:Hikusa and Lluvia
Video and English Translation: Lluvia
Japanese Translation: Dirty Egg
Miku English Render: Nahual
Kaito Render: Move→Forward
Samples (cows, trucks and so on): BuffBill84, Mike Koenig, Salami Sound, Sound Jay, GRSites
Ocean of tears: Hikusa, Lluvia y Ankari
Voices: Hatsune Miku V3, Kagamine Rin & Len V4X, Megurine Luka V2, MEIKO V3, KAITO V3


  • This is Muabox’s first song with all the Crypton Vocaloids (and blonde Meiko!)
  • As per usual, it was made in a very short time. VERY few sleep was had (some days involved only 3 hours of sleep) and we worked too hard. But we made it!
  • Thanks to Miku Expo, the members of Maubox (Hikusa, Lluvia and Ankari) were together in person for the first time 😀
  • Everyone else was also able to see us thanks to the wonderful photo we had taken with Hatsune Miku’s band and which was shared by the Miku Expo official Twitter account. We Don’t Talk About That.
  • Among the various gifts we gave away during the event were postcards, stickers from this song (and CDs) (and mustaches)
  • When we were lining up for the Saturday night show, Monse (honorary Maubox member) and Fubu72 (Hikusa’s brother) brought part of a GIGANTIC Pizza Hut pizza to Lluvia and Ankari, who were well ahead of them in the VIP line. This phenomenon would then be known as #pizzamaubox. Many were able to partake from said pizza, including several of the Japanese fans who came to Mexico for the event and even some of the #UltraMiku members
  • El Samurai de la Cumbia was also at Miku Expo
  • Miku Expo is FOREVER!
  • This song managed to get over 800 likes on YouTube without a single dislike, which is deeply confusing and wonderful