No Voy A Desaparecer (I’m Not Going To Disappear)

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This song’s English version (I’m Not Gonna Disappear) first premiered at Anime Expo 2014 (Los Angeles, USA), and the Spanish version was uploaded to Maubox’s channel immediately after the screening. It was our first collaboration with Nahual for mixing and mastering, and with José Luis Santander on guitars.


Musica and lyrics: Ankari
Art: Hikusa
Video and English translation: Lluvia
Guitars: José Luis Santander
Mixing and mastering: Nahual
Kitty: Shai
Voice: Hatsune Miku V3


  • We had originally planned for the Spanish version to premiere at Expo TNT in Mexico, but the process ended up taking much longer than expected
  • Nahual, Ankari, Lluvia and a Domo-kun Revoltech spent endless hours at the SAE Institute studios working on it the day before it was uploaded
  • The timing for some tracks shifted at the very last minute and Lluvia was the only one who noticed. This was the day before the song premiered at AX. That night, neither Lluvia not Ankari got any sleep (Nahual slept, but very little). Luckily, they were able to fix the issue in the end
  • This is the video Lluvia feels most proud of
  • Shai is a cat who yells and runs around all the time, but since we wanted to record him, he decided to go through an inexplicably quiet period while we worked on the song