Our Music

Do you make the music/illustrations/videos yourselves?

That’s right! Sometimes we also have special guests. In all cases, all the corresponding credits are included in every video.

What do you use to make your songs?

In terms of software, Ankari currently uses Sibelius 7, Vocaloid 3, Logic Pro X, EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold and Komplete 8, mainly. She also works with Vocaloid 2, Propellerhead Reason 5 with assorted ReFills, Finale 2005 y Pro Tools 9.

In terms of hardware and musical instruments, her equipment consists of a ProFire 610 interface, a Casio Privia keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric bass, a condenser RODE microphone and a dynamic Sennheiser microphone, PC and Macbook.

What do you work on first, the lyrics or the music?

It depends. Usually Ankari strarts with the instrumental track, then moves on to the melody and finally the lyrics, but it isn’t always like this. In some cases, like MarQchisan estubo aqui and El Samurai de la Cumbia, the first things she worked on were the lyrics.

How can I make songs like you?

There’s a lot of different ways to make songs! If you want to make songs specifically like ours, we suggest you work on the following areas, without neglecting any of them:

  1. Lyrics
  2. Be skilled in at least one harmonic instrument
  3. Musical theory
  4. Digital audio workstation
  5. Vocaloid editor

Do you take song commissions?

Yes. If you’re interested, please tell us more about your project and budget, or ask for a quote using our contact form.

I don’t understand what happened in [SONG], can you explain it to me?

No, we like for everyone to be able to have their own interpretations.

I have an idea for the sequel of [SONG]

Feel free to work on it on your own, as a fanwork, as long as you add the credits of the original video and link back to it.


Can I repost your video to [site] to promote your work?

No. Share the original link.

It’s not only about crediting (or “keeping the credits”, as we’ve been told). It’s important for us creators to receive the traffic that corresponds to the content we created with our time and effort. This is the only way in which we can know that people like our work and be encourage and motivated to keep working on more. Reposted videos (reprints/freebooting) don’t contribute anything to us, instead they harm us greatly.

If you truly want to support us with broadcasts and promotion of our work, share the original links of the videos uploaded by Maubox, on our YouTube channel. Otherwise, come on, you aren’t really looking to support us but rather you just want to benefit from our content.

Reposting videos is intellectual property theft and will be reported.

Can I make a cover of [SONG]?

Of course you can! As long as you’re not planning to make any money out of it. That’s why we share our off-vocals and, as a matter of fact, we love listening to covers.

We only have two additional conditions:

  1. Include the corresponding credits.
  2. Link back to the original.

Let us know when you’ve uploaded your cover! (Not mandatory)

Can I use [SONG] in my video?

You can use our music as background in our videos only if your videos are made with non-commercial purposes and as long as you:

  1. Include the corresponding credits.
  2. Link back to the original video.

I want to remix one of your songs

If you’re not going to make money with your remix, go ahead!

We only have two additional conditions:

  1. Add the corresponding credits.
  2. Link back to the original.

I want to make an instrumental for you

Feel free to make your own original arrangement as long as you don’t profit from it in any way! We’d love to hear it.

We only have two additional conditions:

  1. Add the corresponding credits.
  2. Link back to the original.

I’d like to make a mash-up using one of your songs

That’s acceptable too! Again, as long as you’re not profiting from it.

We only have two additional conditions:

  1. Include the corresponding credits.
  2. Link back to the original.

Can I upload your albums to YouTube?

No. All of our songs are in our channel and the albums are available on Bandcamp. Please upload your own original content.


Can I have the VSQ for [SONG]?

We don’t share our VSQs. Try making your own instead, it’s good practice!

Can I have the lyrics for [SONG]?

The lyrics can be found in the videos themselves and… elsewhere on the internet. If you search a little, you should be able to find them very easily.

Can you teach me how to make songs?

Once again, the internet is vast and wide and full of blogs with tips and stuff. If you dig around, you should be able to find the information that you need.

If what you’re looking for are formal Songwriting lessons, drop us a line via the contact form to ask about schedules and cost.

Can you take a look at this VSQ I made?

No, there’s too many different ways to do things with Vocaloid editors and we’d rather not get into what’s “right” and/or “wrong” in terms of usage.

I want to collaborate with you

Our plate is currently full with our own projects as well as collaborations that we’ve already planned years ago.

Still, if you have a solid proposal and would really like us to consider it, even knowing that the most likely outcome is that we won’t be able to commit, feel free to drop us a line.

Make a song with [Vocaloid x Vocaloid]

Um… An actual question like “Could you make a song with [Vocaloid x Vocaloid]?” is always nicer to read. That sentence up there is, technically, a commision. We charge for commissions.

Anyway, if we like the ship we’ll probably make it anyway. If we don’t, don’t count on it.

Make a cover of [SONG] with [VOICEBANK]


Make a song where Kaito and Miku are a couple but then it turns out they’re siblings and they fight and Kaito starts going out with Meiko but Miku gets jealous and kills him and then Meiko and Miku hook up

Mmmmhm. That is exactly what we call a commission. Please use our contact form to inquire about more information and prices.

I want you to make a song for my UTAU/anime/super awesome project and if you make it then more people will know about your work, it’s a great opportunity

Paid. Commission. Not free. Write to us. Thanks.

Seriously, this has happened several times. Not cool :(

Please share my song/video/page

Please don’t ask us to do that. If we haven’t done it ourselves, there’s a reason for it. Please spare us an uncomfortable moment of having to explain you that we won’t share something that you clearly care a lot about.

Can you like/follow my page?

That’s the kind of thing one doesn’t ask for. Please don’t make us say things that are impossible to say in a way that doesn’t sound mean :S.

Miscellaneous questions

Are you going to upload Sharing The World in Spanish?

We’ve been asked about this many times and we would love to give an affirmative answer, however this isn’t up to us. Maubox only collaborated with Crypton Future Media to develop the Spanish version; it is not ours.

We suggest you address Crypton directly via social media to let them know you’re interested in the official Spanish adaption of this song that was performed during Hatsune Miku Expo 2016 in Mexico. In this way, your question will reach the right ears.

What Vocaloids do you own?

We own:

  • Hatsune Miku V2 and V3
  • Kagamine Rin & Len V2 ACT 2 and APPEND
  • Megurine Luka V2
  • Kamui Gakupo (Gackpoid) V2
  • GUMI (Megpoid) V2
  • MAIKA V3
  • Bruno & Clara V3

Where can I download Vocaloid for free?

Aaaaaaahhh, this is a question that has haunted us for ages.

Here’s some links to places where you can buy (buy!) Vocaloid banks online:

Ankari likes owning physical things, so whenever she’s been able to, she has ordered them through a proxy service such as FromJapan.

I need to pay to download your songs

Yes, as of January 2016 all of our songs with Vocaloid can be downloaded by paying what you want. We thank you in advance for your support :).

Even so, our off-vocals can still be downloaded for free by entering $0 as the price. You won’t be asked for any credit card information.

I need to pay to download your off-vocals

All of our songs are on our Bandcamp page, since it will allow you to download them in your preferred format/quality. Additionally, whoever feels like paying for the off-vocals can do so easily, although they can also be downloaded for free by entering $0 as your price.

Bandcamp’s system has a limit to free downloads; if that limit has been reached, please wait until the 1st of the next month to download the song for free.

I’d like to learn more about you

Shouldn’t you have the P in your name already?

No, the P itself doesn’t mean anything. The tradition to give producers a P is no longer in use. It first started back in the Vocaloid “golden age” in Japan: it was easier to refer to producers of a popular song by the name of said song so everyone could know whether they were familiar with their work or not. Like a shorter way of saying “that one guy who made that one song”.

However, that tradition changed with time and became senseless. Most Spanish-speaking “P”s added the P to their names themselves. Since everyone who knows Maubox already knows we make things, we don’t really see a point to it.

Who is MarQchisan?

MarQchisan is our muse and inspiration. 😀

How do you get your voice to sound like that?

Haha. This kind of question always leaves us at a loss.


Lol the R sounds like an L


The Spanish word for Puerto Rican is puertorriqueño, not puertorricense

Yes! That was Ankari’s bad (worst) and she apologizes for it.

Congratulations if you made this

Every time somebody leaves us a comment like this (aka: without reading the credits), a kitty coughs up a furball.

I like the original Japanese version better

There is no original version in Japaneseeeeeeee :'(



Hey, how are you

Please don’t make us have to ignore you! It’s better to go straight to the point. We’re not here to chat, but rather to post information about our project. Please contact us only for specific things.

Now, if you’d like to interact with us, we all have our own Twitter accounts. :)